The Joy of Having Like-minded Friends

Last Wednesday,  Scraps came to my house to play.  Strange name, we know.  We have talked of changing it a few times…WAY before my time as a member, this was a very large group (25+) of traditional quiltmakers who called themselves the ScrapBaggers.  By the time I was invited to join, the group was small, very close,  and the members had grown into artists who made quilts–for walls, not beds.  They called themselves “Scraps”, not as a name change, but just as the short-form…

In the past year or so, we have expanded our interests even beyond the art quilts…now, we are truly a fiber-art group.  A knitter/felt maker and a weaver have joined us.  Show-and-Tell is even more lively: ideas and inspiration literally swirl around in the air!  And, the road trips– more possibilities!  Every once in a while, the suggestion to change our name into “something more descriptive” is floated out there, but I think  “Scraps”  suits us perfectly.  In a way, we are the “scraps”; we ARE what’s left of the original group. (In one of those very odd coincidences of life, our newest member is the daughter of the founder from 25+ years ago!)  We ARE a scrappy bunch–we work hard to make art, we take chances and we try new things–and we each learn a lot along the way.

Hence, the rolling up of the living room rug, the setting up of tables and ironing spots, the clearing off of all flat surfaces.  We each claimed a spot, pulled out scissors, mats and rotary cutters, cut up our old silk ties, laid pieces and parts in place onto pristine white silk scarves.  Then, we rolled them onto pieces of pvc pipe, tied them tightly with ribbon, added vinegar to the water in the crab pot, and popped them in to boil for a while.  After a bit, about a half hour (or until we just couldn’t wait any longer) the pipes were fished out of the pot, the ribbons cut, and each scarf unrolled to great ooohs and aaahhhs.   We  talked, ate,  laughed as we worked…and made some very cool scarves.  A great day.

No Hearts Here

Hearts are one of the recurring motifs in my work and it is February after all…maybe some will show up tomorrow.  Today it is all about work in progress.  Last week I had to submit a 12 x 12 inch piece for an exhibit in May…

I had used found objects such as shelf liner, sink mats, doilies, and dollar store finds to stencil and print my fabrics, and I found the process of playing with them too much fun to quit.