Hearts, no flowers…

Am feeling optimistic…after getting text and the photos!!! actually posted yesterday…all on my own. (Though, I have to confess, how it all came about is still a bit of a mystery.) But in honor of the day, I am trying again. Nothing like success to spur one on to another challenge.

These are part of a set of ornaments made to give to my family. I have been doing this for more than twenty years. They are out on my table because sooner or later I will master the technical complexity of my new camera and then, I will assemble a portfolio of my work which actually looks like the real thing. (Ever hopeful.)

Each summer as I cruise the aisles at the flea market I look for something to inspire that year’s ornament. For these, named Party Hearts, the find was the vintage beaded shoe bows! They are a bit quirky, but always make me smile. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Party Hearts, Christmas 2005

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  1. Have been looking at your silk tie workshop (on Normas blog) and it looked great fun. Love your little valentine hearts, they are beautiful!

    1. I think I have tried to reply twice…maybe the third time will be the charm! Am very new at this, and don’t always get it right the first time…thanks for looking

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