While the Cat is Away…

John has been away (coming home soon, though), and although I have the true luxury of lots of my own “flat surfaces”, I just couldn’t resist this mini “window of opportunity”…to spread out yet another “work in progress” on my kitchen counter!!!  (What can I say?  I don’t cook much when he is out of town…)

To set the scene:  While gathering up the supplies I needed to pack to go to my workshop a few weeks ago, I came across a box of paints: gouache, in tubes.  I don’t have a clue where they came from, and have never used any “gouache”.  I decided to “check them out”.  I found an empty spiral bound sketchbook with pages of brown kraft paper.  And so, the adventure began.  Rationalizing that this particular brand was of the “cheap” variety, I didn’t hesitate to just squeeze out whatever colors struck me at the moment across the two open pages, and then, using a big, old flat brush, just spread them around until I liked how they looked.  Page after page.  It was fun.

But, as often happens when I am busy “having fun”, and as the pages got ever more engaging, it all began to look like “art”.  Hmmm…  Unwilling to give up the sense of the play, I painted every single page, promising myself that “sometime” I would do something “more”.  At first, the “more” was more playing…with spray paint and stencils…but, all still looked like a blank slate, waiting for “more”, or rather, “MORE!!!!”

This week I have tried to keep that promise to myself, thinking that this might be my “last, best chance” for a while.  It is still a work in progress and a puzzling challenge.  The idea is to cut away part of the page, and then to use the cut away part on another page…the catch is that as I cut and paste, what happens on the facing page, I can see…but what results on the next page, as the first gets turned…well, let’s just say that that has gotten “interesting”…

John gets home tomorrow, and the kitchen will once again be “open” (and the counter, once again, a totally boring flat surface)… the photos below are a “sneak peek”; hopefully, enough to get a sense of what has turned into a challenge…

Like I said…ever more intriguing…”more” to come.

2 Replies to “While the Cat is Away…”

  1. You did it again. These are wonderful! I like the way you have cut away some pages to reveal what’s beneath. Be sure to bring them on Friday to Carolyn’s.

  2. Wherever did THIS idea come from?!!
    The resulting pages in your book are so unique yet there is that wonderful thread which makes them so alike at the same time.
    A terrific exercise to stretch your talents!

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