A Gift from the Heart

This year’s Christmas ornament was inspired by a stash of great clock gears that I found at the flea market last summer and tucked away until just a few weeks ago.  The way it generally goes is that I find something like the gears, and then keep an “eye out” for other possibilities.  I need about 10 of any given thing.  (One year, the edition was 18!  That was WAY TOO MANY.)  The second find was the great vintage copper stars:  I loved their patina.  I bought them in pairs, thinking I would create a two-sided ornament, with the gears as trim…  That was it!

I raided my stash for other potential goodies, …and the idea began to come together.  I pulled out other random copper stampings, small brass screws and washers, beads, enameled copper “gears”, vintage glass drops, and an old chain necklace…anything that seemed to “go” with my “plan”. how to appraise a domain name .  All were laid out on a silver tray (one of the things taking up square feet on my table in my November 24, 2012 post)  I buy old trays at the thrift store for a few dollars and use them to hold all of the potential pieces and parts of a possible project.  It might sit on my worktable for days, weeks, or months; sometimes waiting for inspiration, other times, just for the time to get to it.)

The final and very serendipitous find, found on the very last day of the flea season, were the vintage clock hands…

Variations on a theme…front view
Viewed from the back. The brass screws were cut off and filed, creating a true two-sided ornament
A closer look
Another ornament, close- up

My kids usually get “first pick” when the ornaments are done;  I always hold my breath, hoping they don’t choose my favorite!

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  1. Love, love, love these! I’d never have guessed what the components were if you hadn’t told us. I also enjoyed your last blog with a peek at your Christmas treasures. I’d like to see a picture of the whole wreath made from vintage ornaments.
    Go see all the Santas on my blog.

    1. I will bring the couple I have left to the Scraps meeting at the Craft Center. The construction was a bit challenging, but I think I finally got it right…avoiding glue is always a goal…thanks for looking!

  2. Hi Andrea – yes I agree your creations are stunning! When Kim & I speak for her birthday she has always been eager to share your latest idea – great to be able to see these in photos! I too would appreciate seeing a full pic of the vintage ornament wreaths. I have an assortment of such glass ornaments from our family collection and would love to do something that will keep them as part of my annual decor and memories. Just seeing them takes me back to our childhood homes and Christmas seasons!
    All so beautiful! Hoping 2013 is ultra creative! Happy Winter! pat b

  3. Andrea, just got onto your blog – doing some waiting & it gave me a good thing to do – loved the Xmas entries and enjoyed your thoughts on the speed of art see ya tomorrow – nik

  4. Andrea, I just recently found out about your blog and have had a chance to look through it a little bit. Your Christmas ornaments are beautiful, and so is all the photography. Also enjoyed reading about how your Christmas cards were made.
    Am looking forward to more exploring on your site.

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