Out of Chaos…

Wrapping Christmas gifts makes such a mess…like a lot of other multi-stepped processes, there isn’t much one can do about it except to just muddle through.  I pull out boxes and bags, ribbons and paper, pile all onto my dining room table and, just start.  Slowly, out of the chaos, comes beautifully wrapped packages which get sorted by name and destination…small, neat piles.  Ahhhh!   By the time I am finished, the room looks like Christmas and order reigns…always a goal around here.

We don’t give expensive gifts in our family.  We do try to give meaningful, carefully chosen ones. The gift that costs a dollar is as likely to be as perfect as the one that costs “a mint”.  Mine have most likely been found at thrift stores or flea markets. (Our family has been “up-cycling” for generations!)  I find the entire process to be engaging.  Throughout the summer, I wander my favorite places with a name or two in mind.  There is never a list.  Something catches my eye, a little haggling secures the treasure, and “pop”, it is stashed in my bag.  Mine!  Once home, my finds are carefully squirreled away.  When they get pulled out in early December, it is like discovering treasure all over again.

Giftwrap is carefully chosen: the paper, the ribbon, the box, and, definitely, that something a little extra, just to make it special… I think a beautifully wrapped present honors the gift as well as the recipient.  To me, it all matters.  The gift is more than the thing in the box.  It is hopeful.  It might make you smile.  It might be just the thing you never knew you wanted…and, maybe, still don’t!  But I have tried my best.  That said, I think I am much better at giving gifts than I am at receiving them.  Maybe I just need more practice!

Enjoy your holidays.  I hope they are rich with family and friends, good times and great memories.  Take care.