Dancing around the Subject

So, it is not that I think anyone in general is looking to see if I have something to say this week…but, I do know there are a few who are. And those truly matter to me. So even though I admit that I have been dancing around “the blog” for more than a few days–and in a truly desperate measure, even avoided it this morning by shoveling 5 inches of snow off of a very long driveway…I will now try to “dance” across the subject.

Why “dangling threads” ?

Two years ago, sitting around a table after a wonderful dinner (and a few glasses of wine), my daughter and future son-in-law, my son and a friend set about trying to come up with a domain name for my website. Now, this is a bit of a joke, because even though I wanted one desperately, hoping to instantly be hooked up with lovers of craft and buyers of stuff, I truly had no skills to deal with any on-line presence…but optimism springs eternal, I guess. They were having a grand time coming up with clever possibilities…a laughing out loud, “how ’bout this?” kind of fun…I don’t really remember any of the suggestions, but they were having way too much fun with their oh-so-clever quips. In a lull in the fun, I offered up “dangling threads”. It was noted, searched and bought quicker than I can find the “enter” key (still) and a website was born. And even though I haven’t managed to get my portfolio on-line (the original goal), two years later with this “newbie” blog and a mini-etsy store, the “dangling threads” still seems to fit.

I am a collector of stuff and a maker of things; I use the stuff to make the things, and running through all of it is the thread…and, as this effort has been compelling me to consider the work I have done in the past, and that which I am doing now, I can see the “thread” running through it, as if the whole body of work has been one very long conversation. I find this reassuring: I can see the continuity, the improvement in skills and craft, and, sometimes even the compelling next step–that dangling thread is still there. All I need to do is thread it, stitch, and see where it goes…

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  1. Shoveling five inches of snow vs tackling photo resize in photoshop? Now that’s real feedback for Adobe and the ease of use of their software. Great intro post to what you are all about — looking forward to more (hopefully without requiring the snow storm this time)!

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