The Perils of Being a Perfectionist

The  bag sat in the middle of my studio floor for months.  I thought it was just waiting for its handles.  They were stashed in the bag.  It was already doing its job!  Of course, as it sat there, other things got stashed inside too–just so I could find them “when inspiration struck”.  It never did, and the bag sat there, waiting.  (I do that too much: sit something out in my studio so that it “reminds” me to start it, or to finish it, or just to “not forget” it.  I would like to say that the strategy works, but mostly, things just sit there: new work, becoming old work. It is that motivation by guilt thing…I don’t really recommend it; it rarely works.)

Back to the basket:  I finally figured THIS one out.  My bag was not sitting there waiting to be finished; it was waiting to be dealt with.  As I was making it, I had thought I was doing a good job.  But actually, once I had “finished”, I found that my zigzag stitching had occasionally missed connecting the coiling spiral–no quick fix for that.  The ever expanding shape, was OK, but bumped out a bit, here and there. Over time, the bag had begun to sag…sure didn’t like that look.  I did buy some Timtex, thinking that a lining might solve that problem…but, all continued to sit there.  In a grand sweep of my studio last week (when those guilt-inducing things either get stashed, tossed, or done),  I picked up that bag and my seam ripper and took that thing apart stitch by stitch.  What a relief!  And although that 300 feet of clothesline is once again a UFO, it now might actually one day  become a bag again…with handles, no lining…


2 thoughts on “The Perils of Being a Perfectionist

    • So, the timing was perfect…I took them out while watching the Olympics! A tedious job turned into a merely mindless one! And, I do intend to try again, hopefully with a good result; I really like the colors too.

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