All in a Day’s Work

Finally, maybe? a post?  Crossing my fingers that all will go…and that will also be another great “day’s work”!

One day last week I treated myself to a day (or two) to try ice-dyeing.  I had read about it in a recent issue of Quilting Arts in an article by Carol Ludington.  Those beautiful, colorful fractured patterns…I just had to have some.  Rationalizing that I needed some cabbage leaf-looking fabrics for an upcoming challenge for Scraps (my fiber art group), I put my spin on the process and gave it a try.  What fun!

I collect fabrics from all over and always have a pile of vintage linens (usually with some damage), intriguing silk end bolts from the flea market, and even some “real” pieces actually purchased in a store…I grabbed my pile and pretty much ran with it.  Started out with a few pieces in a large cylindrical vase, but by the time I was in my last dye session, I had 8 buckets, bins, and bags going.  If I didn’t like a fabric once it was pulled from the dye lot (waiting that 24 hours was challenging),  I just put it in the next round to try again.  They just kept getting better and better, especially the silk/cottons.

When I knew it was time to stop, I still had half a bag of ice left…what to do…just couldn’t let it melt without its “day in the sun” so to speak.  Looking up from my bucket, I spied a linen shirt, recently found at the Goodwill.  I grabbed it and another likely candidate, swished them in the leftover soda ash solution, wrung them out, twisted, folded, and smashed them both in the only thing not already full of fabric, ice and dye–the glass vase!  I layered them, each with their own ice and dye.  Pulling them out the next day was like Christmas!

2 Replies to “All in a Day’s Work”

  1. Wow, the red shirt looks awesome! I like how the color is kind of bent in an arch around the top of the shirt — it looks very purposeful — like it was sewn together that way. Did you do something special to create that arc shape? What are you going to make with all of the fabrics you dyed?

    1. Do any of those colors look like cabbages? Am hoping to persuade a viewer that they are for my Scraps challenge…which is NOT going well at the moment.

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