In the “spirit” of the “thing”…

As is often the case, there is usually more going on “behind the scene” in any given circumstance.  My presence here (right this minute, on this page…with NO PHOTOS)  is a case in point.  Since our move to the Brandywine Valley, my life has changed often and in many ways.  Maybe it was doing that for years the entire time we lived in New York…after all, we were there for that final time for more than 20 years…with two kids…  “Hah!”, you think?  But, truly, looking back, it seems like it was one long continuum…same goals, constant, endearing friends, and ALWAYS my “work”,  striving…day after day, year after year:  a life “in a line”.

Poof!  it seems that our move shifted some sort of cosmic “kaleidoscope”…terrible things happened and wonderful things happened…there has been no “straight line” since we pulled out of our New York driveway for the very last time.  This is not a complaint;  just, an “observation”.   Once all the house renovations were done (not going into details here, let’s just say that life on a ladder and behind a sledge hammer isn’t everyone’s dream)…and then there were the sad and the tragic things that I guess happen to everyone, but when I looked up…it was three years later!  When I could finally go back into my studio with a free heart, I discovered  just how Sleeping Beauty must have felt.  OH!  OH!

Picking up the pieces has been “interesting”.  I am “on my own” so far.   But, working again has been such a joy.  Getting this blog back seems somewhat of a miracle in itself (lots of behind the scenes work done there to recover all that was ravaged).   But, “where are the photos”?  Good question.  In the interim, updates have changed my software beyond recognition!  (and, understanding).    Working on it…promise.   Soon.  (she writes, with fingers crossed).

Protecting victims of WordPress world wide

Don’t you just have to smile with those two on your side?  …

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