Still(!!!) Putting Pen to Paper

A few more patterns…am finding some “familiar” elements…not giving up though.








Again ( maybe, still…) no sun, no “great” photos.   But, trying to be accountable, here…so maybe that is “partial credit”?


One Reply to “Still(!!!) Putting Pen to Paper”

  1. Hi Andrea,
    Loved having a chance to look around here! Where are you from? Who are you?
    I linked to you from MAM’s site where you wondered (3-13-16) if what you do “makes a difference?” Well, YES, I find your pics and projects very inspiring. Enjoyed your black sketch book with white pen pattern play. The SNOW DYE so fun! But beyond my enjoyment on this particular evening, my question for you is, Do you enjoy perusing your record of projects on this blog? I would say that has to come first, your own personal enjoyment. IF anyone else happens along and lets you know by commenting, that they have been inspired to create for having been exposed to your work, well, it’s a bonus, a little kick, some confetti thrown your way. I would like to know who all inspires you? What folk do you commune with? I don’t have time to go much further in your site, but I will bookmark it, and come back to explore your archive. The answers to my questions may be revealed by digging in your garden, I look forward to it. All the best, Carol in SW Ohio and mostly a dabbler and reader of creative blogs, but wanting to get out of my head and into some creative productivity soon.

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