A Slight Detour…

IMG_5858Sometimes, totally unexpected things get done.  A few days ago I wandered into my studio, looking for a large piece of cardboard.  I found one; two, actually.  And, that was the moment my day took a “turn”.  Nestled inside the cardboard were 10 sheets of Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper that I had ordered way back in the early days of settling in here.  At the time, no art was getting done, but I was “feeding the beast” by looking at a lot of things online…especially the handmade, and very inspiring journals of the wonderfully creative Teesha Moore.

I pulled the papers out.  (Totally ignored that cardboard!)  It was a snowy miserable day outside…one of those that is beyond depressing.  I hemmed,  I “hmmmmed”… and then,  I decided to play.  I went back and reviewed her You Tube videos once again, set up my paints on the kitchen counter (did I mention that John was “out of town”?), and got to “work”!  Can’t say I would recommend cutting, binding, and painting ten journals in one day…but that is exactly what I did.






I haven’t done anything except admire them…because… I got distracted once again! (update to follow…I am almost hoping this miserably cold weather just keeps on coming…)