Inch by Inch

So, the saying goes, “Yard by yard, life is hard; inch by inch, life’s a cinch”.  My mom sent me this quirky observation, all neatly framed in a 4″x4″ frame, when I was just married, moved away from home–all the way across the country, and struggling to find a handhold on my new life.  It got hung on a wall in every new place I lived for years.  It is a saying that all the women in my family are familiar with, and probably those a few generations back, as well.

My life lately has not been hard at all.  I have been treated to frequent and unexpected opportunities to spend time with my kids–who both now live on that opposite coast!  Getting any meaningful work done in the studio, though, has been a challenge.   And that has been the joy of my crocheted scarf a la Sophie Digard.  I knew when I started it, that it would be a long term project.  As I wrote a while ago,  I decided from the outset that if I did just an inch a day that that would be progress and “good enough”.  And just look how all of those inches have added up!  Maybe I should use this approach more often.  Work seems to move along.  And, I am focused on what I did and not on what I haven’t done.  Maybe the tortoise was the winner in more ways than one.

I think the rows of motifs are done.  Three wide seemed OK, but four rows is luxurious: all those colors in a generous swath fold in on themselves.  Each time I try it on, the scarf looks different (but always, very colorful!)  The length seems just about right: it flips loosely around my neck and still has a bit to hang down on each end  to keep it in place.  I have a mini stockpile of the Irish roses in random colors that I am using to connect the rows together. The next step is to crochet them into place: one by one, inch by inch.  Stay tuned.