Legacies: Is one person’s treasure, another’s trash?

I have been giving some thought lately to the value others place on the things left behind.  I am an “enthusiastic” collector of vintage things–beautiful fabrics, hand-embroidered linens, travel souvenirs (especially cloth dolls), old beads and trims…the list can go on and on.  I love things that show the hand of the maker; and things which have obviously been loved and treasured.  In the past,  I have bought (rescued) something just because it needed a “caretaker”; I don’t do that so much any more.  One can take care of only so many things…and some, maybe even me, are certain that I have surpassed all expectations as far as that activity goes.  These days, I buy only what I love.  But, when left behind, will my treasure really be a legacy, or just a pile of stuff to be dealt with?  I guess I have decided to not worry about that.  There is no point in getting rid of something that I would just buy again.  But, it has started me thinking about other “stuff”.

I recently had to empty the closet that holds all of my fabric stash for some house repairs.  (Lots of other things live in that closet too: old beaded trims, feathers, ribbons…several pieces of needlepoint waiting for a chair, the marionette my father helped me carve, my trains(!)…many, many treasures…)  And as I put most of it back (and set aside a pile to donate), I came across my quilt tops–NINE !!! of them.  (I guess I like to piece far better than I like to quilt.)  And though I know my kids don’t love all my “stuff”, I figure they will have a hard time giving away my work.  And there is the problem.  I just don’t think 9 unfinished quilts are a great legacy.  And so, I have resolved to make this the year of the quilt…I am going to try to quilt a bit every day.  Maybe I will be able to at least stay even–I’ve got a few ideas for some fabric that I found in my stash!  Maybe I will manage to finish a few.