Working “on the Fly”

I spent the last two weeks being “the presence” in a courtroom as the trial for the man who killed my daughter’s husband wended out.  Incredibly, a jury of twelve managed to find him guilty simply of a misdemeanor…  No justice for Tai-Jin.  No justice for my daughter.  Somehow, we now have to move forward, but, for sure, it will be with an eroded trust in the system, and, I think, in people in general.


In the early mornings, I sat quietly at my daughter’s dining room table, sewing beads in orderly patterns around the edges of my hearts.  There is a lot one could construe from the comfort that activity gave me.  Maybe with time, some wisdom will come.  In the meantime, I continue to just pick up the work and add a few more stitches.  Maybe the palettes will be next…