Late Again?

Given my stated intention to start posting again in a somewhat regular way (was that already two weeks ago???), I guess one might say this post is “just a bit late”.  My only excuse is that I am doing my best.  I am no longer the only one with an idea about how the day should go…and most of my days rarely wend out “according to the plan”.  I am trying not to feel guilty about the things I don’t get done… That said, there HAS been some progress on the project front.

IMG_5554 IMG_5558

Crocheting the scarf together is a “slow go”…  At this point, though, almost all of the squares are joined along two sides.  I am thinking that joining them in the other direction will go much faster, as the piece gets more and more “fabric-like”.  Here is hoping, anyway…It feels good in my hand as I work on it.  I am thinking to add an edge all around…with little circles on the points?

This is also the time of year that I begin to think about my holiday projects.  For many years now, I have made an original ornament from something culled from my stash.  These are my special gifts to my family…and sometimes, for a friend or two.  If I start thinking about it early enough, make a plan, and actually BEGIN, I find I enjoy the whole process immensely.  There is no time pressure.  Usually quite a bit of handwork is involved (the best part), and I love the quiet work in the midst of the ever-growing craziness as the holiday approaches.  I pulled out a few possibilities as I was unpacking.  They were sitting out on the table for a while.  One pile kept calling to me.  So, I think this year, the ornaments are going to have a bit of an Italian flair…


The starting point was the fabric:  a wonderful piece of Italian silk found years ago at my favorite flea market (STILL miss that place!).  It was probably a manufacturer’s sample, maybe for men’s ties?  It is not very big, but there are about 12 wonderfully different color combinations all on the same piece.  I am thinking that playing with these could be fun.  Not sure what will happen with the organza ribbon.  But, it looked like a party…


The beads are from my stash.  I have been collecting and holding on to these for a long time.  They are old, probably from Murano. ( Can you see that strand of oval millefiore beads in there?  I wonder how many tourists manage to leave Venice without buying at least one of those!)  Again, not sure how they will end up in the thing.  Liked how they looked lying on the fabric, though…


I re-“found” these as I was unpacking.    More treasures from the Elephant’s Trunk…One summer a vendor at the market showed up pretty much every week with a few!!! boxes of these.  He had bought the contents of an old jewelry shop.  Boxes and boxes were un-earthed in the basement!!!! never-opened!!!  Some weeks I managed to walk right on by him, but more than once, I stopped, looked, and bought a few(?)  He thought they were from the 40’s…  They make me smile; they remind me of some very good days…


And then, I added these to the mix: more treasures from my stash…the colors are good…

So, all of the above will sit out for a bit on one of my old silver-plate trays (part of the process).  As I finish organizing my studio, it will be sitting there.  Out.  I will be thinking about the pieces and parts.  Passing by.

I have a trip coming up which is always a good time for some handwork.  If I am ready, the fun will begin…stay tuned.

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