Not Exactly “a Piece of Cake”…


This post feels like “old news”…”STILL working on that  “Sophie” scarf?  Isn’t that where you left off in July?”  Fair question.  I have made all the squares.  It was fun until the very end.  I fashioned a “roll” out of an old sheet to work like those designed to move around a jigsaw puzzle “in progress” (just in case I needed my dining room table for an actual meal!).  I can’t really “roll the thing up” as planned:  the blocks shift too much to recover the grid.  But, I can move it intact down the length of the table, which is helpful as I work.  And, with another pair of hands, all could (theoretically) get lifted off the table in a pinch.  Company IS coming  this weekend…so that theory might  actually get tested.

The layout probably looks rather “random”.  But truly, IT IS NOT.  The position of each square is related to the ones around it.  And, that makes a difference…to me, anyway.   (I knew it would, and that is why, unlike any other reasonable person, I did not crochet them together as I went)…And why now, I am “paying the price” for that decision.  There ARE known ways to join together crocheted squares.  I tried all of them.  Rejected them all too, mostly for aesthetic reasons…always wondering “how would ‘Sophie’ do it?”  I never figured that out.  Her crocheters are REALLY good!   They have hidden all evidence.

In the end, I think I invented my own way.  It shows the most of all my other options, but it doesn’t peek through here and there, looking like an afterthought to the thing.  I hope it is also stretchy enough to allow for a truly flat piece after the blocking is done.  It is not a quick process.  I feel like I am crocheting “in air”, upside down and “wrong side” out.   To support the thing, as I poke my hook into each and EVERY stitch along the edge of the motif ( 14 x 4 x 320 ), I have to work twisted in my chair, with the joined part supported on my knee.  Tedious beyond belief.  One row at a time is about the best I can do…(all I can say on the positive side, is lots of other things are getting done as well…)






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  1. I am so impressed with your scarf. I have been wanting to make my own Sophie scarf too, but I don’t know what kind of yarn to use or where to get it. I live in Arizona where we have fewer knitters and knit shops. Would you mind telling me what you used and your source?
    Cheers! Lillian

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment! My scarf is nearly done, so it is totally time for an update and a new photo. I live in a “desert” of yarn shops as well. What I do is buy lace weight yarn WHENEVER I see it, wherever I travel, if it is a color that I think I might use. I have a “stash”…yarn that I bought because I loved it, without a specify plan for its use. When I crochet I work with two colors at a time…so, in the end, the color combinations seem to create an unlimited palette. I use a variety of wools…merino and alpaca are favorites. Even with lace weights there seems to be a range of “weights”. I try to combine yarns with that in mind, a thinner yarn with a thicker one. It is not a scientific process, a bit random, but lots of fun…give it a try. Let me know how it goes!

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