New Year, Fresh Start

September sunrise…unedited…taken from the boardwalk...

For me, September has always seemed to be the best time for a fresh start.  Change seems more possible somehow.   In January, the “new” year seems to come dragged down by all of the holiday leftovers whining to be dealt with…taken down, taken back.  It can be weeks before anything truly “new” happens.   But, September…it gently ushers in a season for new possibilities, new choices.  The summer turns quickly here, where I now live.  One day it is hot; the next, it is NOT.  From AC to heat, just as fast as that.  No leftovers.  A new day…as fresh as the cool winds blowing up from the valley.

I took a break from this blog weeks ago because I was feeling like a “fake”.  I was doing the work: that was for real.  But, I felt like I was doggy-paddling…just barely keeping “even”.  The house, the stuff, the mess…it was just too distracting.  Finding inspiration and the will to keep working on the art was simply too hard.  “Frustrated” doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt.  But now, the house is painted (a monster of a job…top to bottom and all in-between).  Most of the stuff has found a spot.

Pictures remain to be hung (the icing on the cake).  Some moving about will still happen.  But, the space I am living in finally feels like “mine”.  NOW, I can make “art”.

And, I am thinking,  even that will be different.  My priorities have changed.  I want to enjoy what I am working on.  I want to follow wherever inspiration takes me.  I want to “play”;  I want to let the muse out of the box, and stuff the ever-present “critic” back in.  Some old work may never be finished.  I think am OK with that.   I have “re-found” (excavated”?) so many treasures, purchased years ago, stashed for “the perfect project”.  Not saving them anymore…I am NOT.  If not now, when?

I think my old work did have “a voice”…one could tell it was mine.  But, I think, moving forward,  I want to play with ideas more.  I want to take some chances.   I want to explore the process.  If anything comes out of it, great.  I want to learn some new things; I want to have some fun.   New year, fresh start.   Photos to follow…

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  1. It’s great tohave you back, Andrea. I, too, feel like September is the start of the new year and I do love the Fall. I can’t wait to see what you are up to. Pictures, I want pictures!

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