Taking a Break…

IMG_0360I admit that it IS totally ironic that after all that the blog and I have managed to plow through over the past two!! years: the first summer of painting the old house, then, the sorting, and packing up of every single thing we owned; the autumn of the “Big Move” (three truck loads, three van loads), my mom’s illness and continuing (thank goodness) recovery, the ever-demanding painting and repairs needed in our new house, the unpacking on this end (still not done a year and a half later: those boxes are now sitting,  not-so-patiently, waiting for their turn), that NOW would seem to be the time to “just be”…to push the re-set button…but, I think that THAT is what we need to do.  The blog and I are taking a “summer vacation”.  We will be back in September.  If you send us your email address (to andrea@danglingthreads.com), “we” will knock on your “door” as the days once again get shorter, and the nights, cooler…take care.

2 Replies to “Taking a Break…”

  1. Enjoyed going backwards through your blog to catch-up on all you have been doing. You deserve the”vacation from blogging”but I will miss knowing I can visit your projects and peek into your collections of beautiful objects d’art.I think you are AWESOME and I always enjoy how you express your thoughts.

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