Time to Commit

IMG_0342It eventually happens in any project…that moment when you have to stop the playing and decide the end-game.  I have had so much fun combining colors–both in the strand that I am crocheting, and with the “circle” that I am adding it to.  Although some combinations just weren’t practical because of the varying thicknesses of each of the yarns, the wealth of possible choices was still seemingly endless.  (My general approach to this problem was to combine a thicker yarn with a very thin one; or to work two similar yarns together.  The goal was for all of the finished motifs to be about the same size…sort of tricky in lace- weight yarns, apparently…)

I found the process to be very Zen-like.  Similar to the “sheep” activity, when I was counting stitches and repeating that graceful in-and-out of the yarn and hook, there was no mental space left for worry or random harassing thoughts…at least, I couldn’t do both at once.  And, THAT has been a wonderful way to start each day. I have even found myself snatching time for a bit of that peace during the rest of the day as well…just a few minutes for “one more”.  What a wonderfully colored pile of circles I have!  I don’t think there are two alike!

From the beginning, I thought to make two scarves.  Choosing color combinations takes time.  I wanted to spend more time crocheting than fiddling with all the possible color choices.  I felt that working on just one scarf would end up limiting the number of color combinations  I would get to make…When it was finally time to “lay out” my scarf, I was hoping that the final piece would be colorful beyond any expectation.  Two scarves would require many, many circles…hence, many, many colors.  You might even say that making two was a “practical” approach to the problem…hmmm….

For the past week or so, I had begun to work out possible layouts in my mind…to combine the small circles with circles in squares? to combine circles in small squares with circles in larger ones? to combine all of those possible motifs, all together? (never could work out a way to do that last one).  In most cases, I couldn’t figure out an elegant way to join any different motifs together.  (With forethought, there ARE ways to join varied crocheted motifs as you work…but, this was an open-ended, “making-it-up-as-I-went-along” thing from the beginning.)  That was a big part of its appeal…no plan…just to play.

So, in the end, I have chosen the simplest solution (which, not so coincidentally, should also have the smallest number of “ends” to weave in…ALWAYS a consideration, especially after all those ends in all of those circles (692 of them)…  8!!! ends…in EACH one!).  I am going to lay them out in a grid: the classic crochet solution.  Each block is interesting on its own.  Altogether, they should be stunning. I am hoping to keep this “fun” to the finish.   Time will tell.

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