Using the “Shotgun” Approach…

I freely admit it.  I am, “oh, so tired” of this “making art on the run” bit  (and that doesn’t even address the excavating of the “good” stuff  still in the pile in the first place, and then, the securing of a flat surface to play/work with it).  And, inspiration for serious, thoughtful work???  At this point, totally, just not there: I am SO done with the distraction of it all…

But unfortunately, I still live in a project “under construction”, with boxes (in an ever-dwindling pile, thank goodness)  still waiting, taunting…

One might propose that if I have lived without the stuff in those boxes for this long, maybe I don’t need it???  Not so.  EVERY box at this point yields treasure and inspiration…after all, the pots and pans were unpacked months ago.  What is left is the good stuff…

My response has been to be inspired by what is at hand.  Therefore, I am


knitting an infinity scarf using three gorgeous yarns found when I unpacked my “stash”.


…trying once again to be a “knitter”…that being “one who can follow directions and end up with something useful”…as well as beautiful???


Struggling with directions (written by a man…just saying…) to make a fun and lovely scarf, spotted in a yarn store during the holidays…a yarn store, that,  I have to admit, I had no business wandering into…stay tuned…I haven’t given up yet.


…and, just messing around with a chunk of rubber (and, my daughter) having fun egging each other on to cut ever more silly stamps…which turned into pieces and parts of a village…having way too much fun to quit now…  So far,  I have houses, a store, some roofs, a flag, a street light, a fence with a gate with a heart carved into it…a topiary in a pot(!!!)…more to come…all, just plain fun.


…which led to the challenge of what to carve into the leftover, cut-away shapes…


Not to mention, the acquisition of some lovely wool roving  (note to self…”stay OUT OF THAT YARN SHOP!”)…I was planning to order felt balls online…(Have you seen the lovely things by FacileCecile on Pinterest?)  I think some time with hot water, soap and the wool above is in my future…but, isn’t that the truly wonderful thing about a fresh new year though?  new ideas… unlimited possibilities?


And then there is that pesky new year’s resolution to try to get some of those ideas that are like the bumper cars in a penny arcade, careening around in my head, onto a piece of paper in some serious kind of way in which they might actually be available to inspire when all else seems to be “just done” and dull…a run-on sentence if there ever was one…but, thank goodness for the “run-on” of ideas at the moment, one good one, leading to the next great one…no creative block here, at the moment…truly, inspiration “run amok”…

That’s it…the shotgun approach to just getting something done…it all counts, right?  a Happy New Year…it can be exhausting, don’t you think?

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  1. Good to see so many projects with beautiful colors and textures….truly more inspiring than data and report card comments! It is nice to take a break to see what you are creating as you are surprised by what you have found as you unpack. It all counts…..enjoy your day.

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