Picking Up the Pieces

I know that it has been too long since I sat down and wrestled with the technology that makes this blog thing happen.   Late Spring is always a tough time for progress in the studio…the New York winter has finally given up; inspiration and energy for new work is EVERYWHERE.  But, deadlines and obligations insinuate themselves into the mix.  Thus, the yards and yards of fabric that quietly stood in a corner of my studio for months had to become (not magically, believe me) the 39 pairs of curtains needed for a house that we have just finished renovating.  Two miles of thread!!! are now, hopefully, holding them altogether.  All are finally in place; I am home; my house is relatively neat, and theoretically, I should be ready to dig in.  But it never works out quite that way.  I dance around the piles for a bit; I have never been able to “just pick up the pieces” and start again.

The photo above is the work that has been keeping me company for the last two months (sort of my reward for measuring, cutting, sewing, pressing for days and days–a few stolen moments here and there to keep me going–just bits of play, now and then).  Inspired by Sophie Digard’s scarves (look her up, they are amazing…but pricey), I have been attempting my own version of motif crochet using laceweight merino and/or alpaca wool.  It is a pick-up, put-down, carry along kind of project–the work is quite “fiddly”–the goal of a “square inch a day”  was just about perfect.  Even if I stole the time to do another inch or two, sooner or later, it would be a relief to “get back to the curtains”.

I am still using the scarf to ease back into my “real???” work???”  Typically, I haven’t figured out how I will finish it…am not really a crocheter.  I did figure that whatever pieces I could join together as I worked was goodness…but I do think all those spaces need to be filled in somehow, if only to give the finished piece some strength and integrity.  Not sure if the edges need to be anchored as well…if both can be done as one process that would eliminate hundreds of yarn ends to be worked back into the piece.  But I am liking it:  the process and the result.  I always love playing with colors.  So, day by day,  I add square inches to my scarf and look across my studio to the stack of fabrics waiting…soon…