Taking a Fresh Look

“Patience” is a small 12″ by 12″  fiber art piece headed to the Mahopac Library for the annual FANE (a group of fiber artists from New York and Connecticut) show this Sunday.  I sent my kids an announcement postcard (showing off a bit, I suppose) on which it was featured.  I was surprised that their response was that ” it made them sad to see the bird


on the nest, missing the party”.  I guess that their view of it wasn’t too far off of my original thought.   Mothers do miss some good times and some adventures while they are home, sitting on the nest, minding the flock-to-be–keeping it warm; keeping it safe.

But, here is a fresh look:  As a mom whose kids have flown the coup and joined the party, that time on the nest was too short!  ( Thought it would last f-o-r-e-v-e-r…)  And look at that party going on…”Mom” has a bird’s eye view!  Maybe the best seat in the house!  And, here’s another fresh look: just see how those little birds turned out!  (It is enough to make that momma bird do a little dance…maybe, sing a little song…)   Worth every minute.

*For those who might want to know:  Each of the fabrics used in this piece were hand-dyed, and/or printed or stenciled with found objects–the fireworks were created with an old plastic placemat!  Trims are vintage sequins and beads.

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  1. She looks sad because her head is down — it is a great piece, congratulations on the show!

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