Showing Some Promise…


Kate got me off the dime.  By the time she left all of the studio walls were painted.  I will admit that it is an extravagant use of space…but, really, who needs more than one guest room?  So, I find myself with a suite of studio spaces…

IMG_5024I lived in a white house for nearly 25 years.  This time, I am choosing color: fresh, light, easy.  I have to admit I probably went a little crazy when I started out with four gallons of “Breath of Fresh Air” to paint my bedroom…but the name was catchy, the room was huge, and the color was lovely…blue.  Well, I started with the little alcove in my bedroom, using the color straight from the can, and it SCREAMED. It GLOWED; it was BRIGHT!  Too much.  Really.   Not in the plan, at all.  Funny how deceiving those little squares of color can be.  But, I had four gallons of the stuff!

I would not recommend this if one is faint of heart, color-wise,  but I have been dumping that “Fresh Air” into my leftover cans of white paint (my ceilings are still mostly getting the “white” treatment, but am thinking of adding a bit of color there, too).   Stirring, testing,  adding a bit more “Air”, stirring, stirring… what a great color!  Still blue, but light and “fresh”.

IMG_5026Then, I bought a gallon of “Misty Lilac”…looked pink in that little two inch square.  Put some on the wall…Whoa!  Added LOTS of white: concocted a lighter version.  Painted one room.  Added blue to the  can of “mistiness”.  Painted another room.  Added more pink, a dollop of blue…painted the last room.

IMG_5019Needless to say, if I ever have to “touch up”, things could get dicey.  But, for now, I  am happy.  There may be some room switching as the job gets finished.  The sun is crossing across the walls in an unexpected way, which will definitely determine where the design wall has to be…and therefore, which space will be for fabric work.  The rest will fall into place after that.  But, still, showing some  promise…Home is where the art happens…and, it has been far, far too long…


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    1. Glad to hear from you! Congratulations on your ribbons! And, thanks for taking the time to comment. The colors ARE lovely…not sweet, but rather, just fresh. Take care.

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