The Fragility of Life


I do not know quite how to write this entry.  But for those of you who continue to “just check in” to see if I am finally back to work in my studio, I feel I need to at least come up with some words.  My son-in-law was killed in a tragic car accident a few weeks ago.  It was a seemingly random event.  He was not the driver.  He would have been 28 on Wednesday.  He added a grace note of joy and humor to our family.  We loved him.  He was the light and the lodestone in my daughter’s life.

She has been here with us for the last week or so.  And, ironically, my studios are getting painted…at her insistence.  We paint and we talk.  But, it is not enough.  Who could ever find the words?  She is going home soon and I worry…how will she be able to walk in her front door and pick up the pieces of her life?

On another note, my mother is out of rehab and also staying here for a few days.  She is trying very hard to get back her life as well.  But, progress is slow.

Here on the hill, all is teeming with life.  Spring has finally come to the valley.  An amazing array of birds visits the weeping cherry tree just outside my kitchen window.   (Most of them I don’t recognize: a bird book is in my future.)  But, as in the rest of life, the hawks are ever-circling…

2 Replies to “The Fragility of Life”

  1. Oh Andrea,
    I am so sorry to hear about your son-in-law and you are right. There are no words. Even tho I don’t know your daughter, please hug her for me.

  2. Yes, Fragility. True, no words.
    Yet sending caring and prayers from a heart saddened for your family.
    May your time together be a gentle refuge for each.

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