Still Somewhat of a “Pipe Dream”…

When we decided to leave New York, I was the designated “house hunter”…in retrospect,  that was an awesome challenge.  We had many of the usual requirements, but top on MY list was a studio.  Did I get it?  Well, not exactly…

I looked at some bona fide ones.  Real studios with a track record…art on the walls, paint splattered on the floor,  good vibes…do you think they “convey”?… (real estate speak).  In the end, “must-haves’, aside, we were seduced by a sunset across a valley…the house just came with it.  “It” happens every night (how could I have been missing those colors? for 30 years!)…gorgeous, but STILL…a studio? nope.

I picked a bedroom with a closet (two, actually)…THAT was a step in the right direction.  Look closely at the photo.  That closet actually has my name on it.  Destiny! With only one exception, I have never had a “studio” with a real closet…with doors…that close…and hide the stash!  (My number ONE requirement)

That bedroom had an odd little room attached to it.

B-i-i-i-g closet?  perhaps…

Just outside of the room was an odd space.  Sort of like a group study corral (the family had five kids).  It “went” the day we closed on the house…but the space remained.  

A reading spot?  No light…maybe good for a photography set-up?  a library?

You can see where this is going, I am sure.  The house with “no studio” was showing some promise.  Did I mention the bathroom just off the “library”?  But where would the paper stuff go?  Hmmm.  How about that other room just to the left of the back stairs?  To make a long story short, I have claimed it ALL.  Four closets!  With shelves “to order”… The color choices remain “unique”, the piles, a bit daunting…but it is ALL mine…stay tuned.

ps:  My mom is better.  At 87, I admire her determination to “get her life back”.  Another, “work in progress”.

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  1. Ahhhhh Yes! Let it ALL be your Studio and enjoy every inch!
    Beautiful Floors!
    Will be fun to see how the piles and boxes unpack & claim their new cozy spots!

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