That “thing with wings”…

Why no posts?  I am caught in that unreal world of caring for a very sick parent.  My mom has been in, out, and back in ICU for the past two weeks.  And, though there are three of us, I am the one of her kids who can most easily(????) be her primary watchdog.  So there have been endless nights sleeping in chairs in her room and long days of mostly, hand-holding…whatever it takes.

I think of Emily Dickinson’s poem about hope being “that thing with wings”, and picture the flock of hawks that soar over my valley.  That’s what I need: some hope with some very big, very strong wings…take care.

5 Replies to “That “thing with wings”…”

  1. Hi Andrea, Kim and Pete,
    Thinking of each and sending special love for Lenore in these days with difficulty for all. With a prayer for healing for a most special and delightful woman! LovePAT

  2. Andrea, my thoughts and prayers are with you! I think one of our most difficult challenges is caring for our own mom ….the one who always took care of us!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read AND respond…Even though I know I am making the right choices for the way I am spending my time, I am still finding it hard. Yearn for the good old days of Friday meetings where even if I wasn’t getting any thing done, someone else was flying…take care.

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