Random Thoughts about Knitting

I am doing it again…knitting…really and truly this time.  Following instructions, ripping out (think the lingo term is “frogging”), and trying again…but still, “getting it”.  It is a bit thrilling.  (Keep in mind, it is January here: too cold and too treacherous to go out…so thrills are few and far between.)

Kate talked me into doing this “mystery knit along” with her…every Monday, my mail has two clues (two different sets of instructions).  I pick one or the other and knit it.  The following four Mondays, the same thing: two clues, pick one, and knit.   In the end, I will have knit a shawl.  You can see how this could get very interesting. (The designer, Ysolda Teague must be a bit of a math whiz…no matter which clue one picks each Monday to knit, the instructions work!)  A choice between two clues each week,  five weeks…32 different variations…and then there is the choice of using one color or two…Many doing the knit-along post their photos on ravelry (the “go to” place for knitters, and others who play with yarn)…it has been fascinating.  Sharing it all with Kate has added to the fun of it, for sure.  I am still on clue one…but almost done…so, am continuing undaunted.  Feeling a bit cocky about it all, actually!

Although it is dangerous to think and knit, I have found that it just happens and I have learned a few things.  Am thinking knitting is a lot like life.  Here are some of my (very) random observations:

Mistakes happen.  Mistakes have consequences.   (Dropped stitches, in particular!)  One can fix a mistake and move on.

It is ALWAYS best to “do it right” the first time.  (One can really learn how to knit, while ripping out, though.)

Pay attention to details…(especially those very little, but very mighty,  yarn overs).

There is more than one way to start.  (so many ways to “cast on”…and why would one want to start out with a knot, anyway?)

If one is counting stitches, it is impossible to think (worry) about anything else…(ripping, ripping…what row is this? right side? wrong side?)

Lifelines (see that bright green thread in the photo?) are very good things..(ripping out rows and rows–lace? eek!, reloading stitches…with the right twist, mind you, and then figuring out just where one is…how to count rows???…don’t ask how many times it happened ’til I got wise.

Effort pays.  I think I am going to really make a shawl!  I will be so proud of myself!

Knitting is a lot like life.  I am liking it.