Stubborn to the Bone


I DID get them done…just under the wire…am about to pack them away:  this year’s Christmas  ornaments.  Usually, I have devised a clever title, and a way to date and sign them…this holiday, I was happy to just FINISH them…  Now, on the other side of all the chaos of packing and moving, they make me smile!  YES!  I won!  Chaos lost.

Constructing them was a very simple process.   I began by beading the brass bells, using a fine gauge wire and small beads, “sewing” in and out of the perforations.  Some were vintage seed beads; others were not.  All were from my stash (hooray!).

I then strung series of beads on 26 gauge wire, trying to create sets of each combination.  I generally made as many in any one series as my pile of any given bead would allow.  (Using up the stash!  Points for that.)   As the number of sets grew, I began to “wire” them together with a short piece of scrap wire to keep them all together.  They were so lovely.  And, it turns out, this was probably the only kind of project I could have done given everything else going on.  I carried them back and forth between houses, laid them out wherever I was and just worked on them as I could…strand by strand, set by set.

When I was “done”, i.e. tired of stringing and getting close to “the DEADline”, I laid all the sets of different combinations out on my table, undid the scrap wires and just played with combinations of bells and beaded wires.  In the end, I had about 15 “ornaments”.   To finish, I joined them together with a large wire link, and added the final silver bead collar and string.  Victory.  Still smiling.