The House’s Gift

It was totally unexpected.  I was unprepared.  No camera.  But, maybe that is what made it such a wonderful thing.  Any reader of this blog has figured out by now that this move we are in the midst of is not exactly tweaking my “sense of adventure”…hah!  Me and “adventure” don’t often show up in the same paragraph…

It had been a VERY LONG DAY.  (We are moving our things ourselves for lots of reasons, but mostly because it is our stuff and nobody loves it as much as we do.)  We had finally finished unloading the truck (picture a BIG ONE: 16 feet long, 7 feet high).  The “day” had really started quite a few days before…lots of packing and of carrying heavy boxes up the stairs, or down the stairs into the garage. What a pile!  Then, there was the loading of the truck…trying to fill every cubic foot.  The process, or for those of that “adventurous” bent, the challenge, went on for HOURS.  (I won’t mention the exploding gallon of white paint that needed to be mopped up and scrubbed off the truck’s surprisingly clean wood floor in the middle of this “adventure”.)  We FINALLY finished up, using flashlights to load the final boxes, in the pitch black night.  We started out from New York VERY early the next morning (still in the dark), driving the four hours to Pennsylvania, John in the truck, and me in my “cubed out” van (who needs a rear view mirror anyhow???)  I logged on an extra hour by getting lost trying to find my own house, but that is a different story that might be funny years from now…

Those two chairs dropped off in front of the living room window were just too tempting. The day had been long and stressful.  We were DONE.  We sat down, glasses of wine in hand…and the show started.  We had no clue.  THE SUN SET.  For forty glorious minutes we watched the sun do its gorgeous thing across the valley.  For the next four days, we didn’t miss a single one.  Some gifts do not come with bows.

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  1. A “Have to Smile” moment!
    Stunning sunsets – mesmerizing! We’ve had a great season for dramatic colorful skies so I’ve delayed several dinners while watching “the show” and snapping pics trying to capture their beauty – make great wallpaper on phone!
    Makes me think of the old Campbell’s soup jingle – – –
    “Simple pleasures are the Best!”

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