Flea Bitten

IMG_0153It has been a LONG time between flea “bites”.  Since we moved away from my favorite hunting ground, the Elephant’s Trunk (so sorely missed), there just haven’t been many opportunities for great finds.  Here in my new spot, there are still! boxes to be unpacked…mostly, just those kinds of treasures.  In a way, I guess I have saved the “best for last”.    In the last year, not many things have leapt off a table or shelf into my hands.  But, that very thing happened this week.  Twice!

I know most people don’t shop the Goodwill for “eye-candy”, but it has always been one of my favorites.  You just NEVER know what you might find.   Look what I found!  Fairy tales…in Chinese!  (thanks, Kate) with such gorgeous illustrations!  Think I am going to turn the pages into envelopes…

Envelopes?  A totally fair question.  Blame Pinterest.  I saw a pin that caught my mind and it just won’t let go.  Last week, while dropping off a donation to the Habitat Re-Store (house-fixing still taking precedence over time in the studio), I found a couple of truly battered books for a dollar to try out the idea…


Probably, not “art”…just some cheap fun.  Will see where it leads…hopefully, not to an entire shelf of old books needing a new life…

ps:  I am trying out using my phone for photos…they will get better…(fingers crossed, because it sure makes the whole process simpler at the moment…)

Retired…and, FleaBitten One Last Time!

Had to hang up my well-worn (and well-loved) bag on Sunday…that was a tough one.  It was going to happen soon, anyway: the flea market will close in just a few weeks for the season.   It is very sad to know that I will not be there when they unlock the gates again in the spring.  Opening day is always a thrill (I am easy, obviously).   Usually, it is sunny, and, a bit chilly…but there is that wonderful sense of triumph…”Yes! We made it through another New York winter!”  Optimism, I think it is called.  Well, I am going to try to hang on to that.  New places, new adventures, and, hopefully, new junk!

That said, I found a few treasures…The doll was a dollar.  Her face charmed me.  I used to make and dress dolls quite a lot.  I think I might like to try it again.  I liked her from the start, but, for a dollar?  Sold!  The brush tree was a sad-looking one.  I think that is why I liked it. Perverse, I know.

Getting Flea Bitten Again! Hooray!

Winter is DONE.  The flea market is OPEN!  Let the season begin!Bought them because I liked the way they look.  Such great embossed lettering.

From the 1920’s: a chorus girl’s stash!…she was planning to open a button shop in NYC…Believe it or not, I left LOTS behind for someone else!

Yards and yards, never washed and so beautifully woven…soon to be ice-dyed!

Working on the ETSY Thing


The flea market opens tomorrow!  Winter is on the wane; Spring, on the way.  And reality is staring me in the face.  I have many, many treasures (there’s a surprise).   But, I think I am finally ready to share…ready on two fronts: the actual divesting of great stuff and hopefully, with enough technical expertise to wend my way through the process of listing and selling.  Several things are in the works (those ever-challenging technical details still tripping me up some), but my collage kits are just about ready.  I really like how they turned out.  Besides that, they feel so nice and heavy: full of inspirational potential for some great art.   I am hoping they will be tempting to mixed-media artists looking for something different and authentic.  Each pack is chock-full of original pages: most are truly vintage (from the 1970’s  back to way earlier, to the mid-1800’s).  There are pages and pages of music (in several forms), maps (old British), dictionary pages (including Larousse), tear-outs from a great old Montgomery Ward catalog…lots and lots of images…on and on.  I am not intending this to be an advertisement…so I will quit here and get back to work.  More details soon.